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Fruits are considered a symbol of abundance, fertility, and reward

Fruit Plants

Achacheru Fruit

Rain Forest Plum

Grumichama Cherry

Fruits are considered a symbol of abundance, fertility, and reward. They are an essential part of our daily diet, and it is a delight to have them grow in your own premises. The fruits we eat genuinely are a gift from nature. They are so packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital to healthy living.

Jaboticaba Red

Diamond Longan

Hybrid Lemon

Abiu Giant

We have a selected collection of tropical plants that are lesser known but easy to grow and delicious. They are suitable for growing under our climatic conditions. They are all propagated from fruited plants that are then grafted or layered. These plant bear fruit within 3-4 years and the tree growth fits in with both our urban and rural environments. Exotic fruit growing is easy if you pay attention to the specific growing requirements of the plant.
Most tropical fruit plants require placement that protects them from extreme heat and cold. They require well drained soil with plenty of organic matter. New plants should be watered frequently to keep the root ball moist. Never use chemical fertilizer on exotic plants during the first two years. A healthy layer of organic compost will provide beneficial nutrients as it breaks down.

Gem Hass Avocado 

Sweet Surinam Cherry

Black Pulasan Fruit