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Urban Gardens

Take a deep breath of clear air as you step out into your private space in a city. If you are surrounded by plants and a well laid out garden you are much more privileged than millions of others when you have your own urban garden, however small the space may be.

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Not having a big yard certainly does not prevent you from having a garden. Urban gardens can be intimate, manageable, useful and absolutely stunning! Whatever the size of your space, Green Brigade will help you create your ideal urban oasis. People find solace in having plants in and around them. They create a natural ambience, increases emotional and social well-being and reduce stress levels.
Green offices nurture employees with their feel and visual impact. It has been proven that green office spaces report higher productivity and employee happiness than a concrete and glass environment. Urban gardens require detailed planning where the users finally get exactly what they dreamed about. Urban gardening is the perfect opportunity to understand and live with nature.
  • Benefits of urban gardening
    Improves well being
    Promotes environmental stewardship
    Increases property value
    They integrate with any architecture
    Controls the urban heat island effect
    Decrease pollution and cleans air