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Heliconias are the ideal plants for creating a rich and bold tropical effect in your garden.

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Caribea Gold
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Heliconias are the ideal plants for creating a rich and bold tropical effect in your garden These perennials yield some of the most exotic flowers on earth and are used as fashionable, high end cut flowers and as landscaping plants. At Green Brigade we have a collection of over 60 varieties of Heliconia being grown in environment friendly conditions.
Cinnamon Twist
Heliconias do well in full or part sun. Height will increase if the plant is subjected to shade. They are easy to maintain and require fertile well drained soil, warm humid temperatures and adequate water. Mulching is recommended to protect the soil from drying out. Fertilisers used are generally chicken pellets, although complete fertilizer blends are ideal.. Diseases are rare but soggy soil can cause root rot. Each stem will only flower once, so after flowering it is best to cut that stem out for the clump to grow healthy and multiply.
Heliconias are generally propagated through their rhizomes. Make sure they have at least one live node and plant them not more than 6 inches below the soil. Follow this procedure till new shoots emerge after which watering can be regular. Planting rhizomes with leaves is not a necessity.


For long lasting flowers the plant should be watered half an hour prior to picking..Wash and trim them and remove the inner flowers. Hydrate the flowers regularly. Trim the stems at a 45 degree angle every 3 days.
Eden Pink

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