Bamboo Ginger
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Bamboo Ginger


Classification: Costaceae
Botanical name:Costus stenophyllus
Propagation: Rhizomes
Sold as: Healthy rhizomes
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The real feature of this ginger is the spectacular ‘banded’ stems and long curly leaves. The plant has bright red basal inflorescence. They multiply well and cover ground well. A shaded area is best suited for this plant. It is an evergreen spiral ginger which can grow to a height of 2 m and uncharacteristically straight, erect stems that only spiral slightly at the top.

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Growing instructions:
If wax gingers are planted together, space them at least 2 ft apart. Dig the soil 1 ft in diameter for planting. Good black/ red soil mixed with dried manure and compost are good. Level the land so that water does not stagnate at the base. The rhizomes should be planted not more than 6 inches deep. Do not heap soil at the base as leaves sprout from the rhizome. Water well after planting. Thereafter only when the soil is drying out. Once the leaves have sprouted water well and ensure there is no stagnation around the base of the plant. Heliconia and gingers should start sprouting leaves within 2-3 weeks. Flowering will start after around 8 months. Use dried organic manure 4-5 times a year. NPK 10-10-10 can be used once a year after the plant has attained a year in maturity. The flowering stalks should be cut at the base to promote new stalks and flowering.


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